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Subaru North America Gen2
Subaru North America Gen2
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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to buy updates and extras in Subaru Toolbox?
HOW-TO GUIDE: How to buy updates and extras in Subaru Toolbox?

You can purchase items in Subaru Toolbox by following the steps below.

1. Add selected content to cart.

2. Check out. Verify items in your cart.

3. Enter and confirm your invoice address.

4. Enter your credit card data for the purchase.

5. Download and install updates to your device with Subaru Toolbox.

  • In case of purchasing contents on an SD card, shipping information must be filled, and after a successful purchase the SD card will be delivered to the given address.

Let us show you the process step-by-step in the following section.

Instead of buying updates and extras on the https://subaru-na-mapupdate.naviextras.com (NA users) / https://subaru-eu-mapupdate.naviextras.com (EU users) / https://subaru-aus-mapupdate.naviextras.com (ANZ users) site, you can decide to buy them conveniently in Subaru Toolbox (you can not install the purchased online update content without Toolbox). This guide explains the simple Subaru Toolbox purchase and checkout procedure.

As you need to connect your device to Subaru Toolbox to install any updates, it is recommended to use Subaru Toolbox for the payment process, as well, for your convenience.

Start shopping by clicking on the Buy Content icon on the main screen.

Select between contents relevant for your device / region by clicking on the appropriate content icon.

To proceed to payment, click on the "Buy - Price" button, or read detailed description about the map package by clicking on the "More information" button.

! Please note that if you have already purchased an item, the Toolbox does not allow you to buy it one more time until the subscription will expire or there will be new content.

Here, you are asked for your invoice information. If you have previously filled out this page, the data you previously entered will appear. You can modify your invoice information on the Naviextras portal under your profile or by clicking on the "Modify" button. Please note that invoices cannot be modified once they are issued, therefore, carefully check your information before proceeding to payment by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

Once you entered your information, and proceeded to payment (accepted the terms and conditions), you will be redirected to our payment provider’s site where you can select the payment methods available in your invoice country.

After successful payment, you will be redirected to the “Available Updates” tab in Subaru Toolbox, where you can find the purchased contents immediately.