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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to make or restore a backup of the navigation device?

 HOW-TO GUIDE: How to make or restore a backup of the navigation device?

From time to time, it is useful to make a backup of the contents of your navigation software or device to avoid losing data in case of a hardware error or accidental data loss. This guide explains how to make a backup of your device and how to restore a backup if it becomes necessary.

It is suggested to make a backup in at least the following cases:

  • Right after you acquire a device or navigation software;
  • Before using Subaru Toolbox to update your navigation software and its content;
  • After updating your device or software.


Creating a backup

After connecting your device and logging in, click the “Settings" / "Manage device" / "Backup your device" buttons.

Please wait until you receive a message that the operation is completed: "Your backup has finished successfully".


When you arrive to the "Backup your device" page, enter the name of your backup into the textbox and press the "Backup" button.


Restoring a formerly created backup

If you need to restore a backup, click the click the “Settings" / "Manage device" / "Restore" buttons. On the "Restore" screen all the formerly created backups are visible. Select the desired one and click on the "Restore" button.

The system restores all the data on the SD to the selected backup, so all changes and updates will be lost that have been made after the backup has been created.